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Electrician Services

First rate electrical engineers should be able to give you the complete range of electrical services from tracing an electrical problem or advising as to the best solution for your needs, through to a complete and complex electrical installation.

Whether it’s regular electrical maintenance you need, such as the rebuilding of control boxes exposed to the weather or the regular updating and testing of control panels, or a one off need that you have such as a factory installation, machine commissioning or system upgrade, you can rely on us to give you all the information you’ll need to make a qualified decision.

As our electrical engineers are able to install, test and maintain any electrical system including three phase electrics, you can have the peace of mind that when you choose us to help you with your electrical service needs, everything will be completed professionally and to the highest standards.

If you want experienced, time served electrical engineers and the peace of mind that goes with it contact us now and we’ll be happy to help you.

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Fire Alarms Peterborough and Cambridge – Fire Alarm Installation, Testing and Maintenance Services Across Cambridgeshire

Fire Alarms & Monitoring

Fire is a tremendous threat to your people, your business and your livelihood. When you’re looking for fire alarms, Peterborough based FCE can help you get it right. With 30 years experience helping businesses all over Cambridgeshire, if you need advice to ensure you get the right fire alarms and protection systems for your particular situation just call.

Fire protection equipment is a necessity as well as mandatory by law but not all alarms are the same. You’ll need a system that will protect what’s important to you, so yours has to be recommended for your specific needs. Even if a fire is caught before it does too much damage, the smoke, the water or foam, disruption and downtime can be seriously damaging – but fire alarms can prevent that. It’s just not worth the risk.

This is an area where you can’t afford to take any chances, so please call for advice or email us at info@fceltd.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help you.

Remember, you don’t want fire alarms that just meet all the points made in your Fire Risk Assessment, you need a first rate installation, reliable equipment and regular maintenance so that you can rely upon so that you can rely on your fire alarms to work for you when needed.

For fire alarms to protect your business and your people, contact us now.

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Electrical Testing for Safety, Insurance Purposes and Peace of Mind

Electrical Testing

Having your electrical testing completed by a qualified electrician is a legal requirement for commercial and industrial property every five years.

It’s also something that your insurance company will want to see in the event of a claim, if you can’t produce your current report, they have grounds to refuse your claim.

So, you need to ensure you’re covered properly for insurance and that you’re not falling foul of your Health and Safety Policy, which could prove to be worse in the case of an incident. Electrical Testing Equipment

Whatever reason you have for electrical testing, you can have the peace of mind that it will be completed properly and professionally by us. The latest available test equipment will be used to test every necessary element of your electrical circuitry and once it’s done and your electrical testing shows nothing untoward, you will receive your Electrical Installation Condition Report Report to prove compliance.

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How You Can Save Up to 90% On Your Lighting Energy Costs By Using LED Commercial Lighting… Not Just Cheaper But Better Too!

Environmental Lighting

You will have heard about reducing energy costs by switching providers but did you know using LED commercial lighting instead of tungsten bulbs uses so much less energy that you can save as much as 90% of your current energy costs?

If you have downlights, the savings alone just by switching to commercial LED downlights can be tremendous.

Contact us now to get your free lighting survey for your business to determine exactly what your savings could be and how you can benefit by using LED commercial lighting solutions.

Commercial LED Flood Lights

If you use Halogen, SON or Metal Halide floodlights and you switch to commercial LED flood lights the savings you make (up to 90%) will give you an average payback of 17 months just on the cost of the energy you currently use.

A big bonus with commercial LED flood lights is that there’s no mercury or other hazardous materials to worry about and these low heat lights start up instantly, so there’s no waiting for ten or fifteen minutes for them to warm up. You’ll find that commercial LED flood lights are flicker free so you get strong, clean lighting for working or security instantly and without that annoying flickering.

Contact us now for your free, no obligation survey.

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Data Cabling Installation, Network Cabling and Data Cable Testing

Data Cabling

There are a number of options when it comes to the data cabling installation for your business, you’ll hear terms such as Cat 5, Cat 5e and Cat 6 associated with data cabling, or network cabling as some prefer to call it but essentially, the data cabling you need will be determined by the data requirements of your business.

Keeping things as non-technical as possible, Cat 5e was introduced as an alternative and ‘better’ option and is rated as 3.5 times the data transfer ability, it also has superior properties in preventing ‘cross talk’ (which is simply interference from other sources such as electrical cables, manufacturing machinery etc. Cat 6 has been introduced for those that have the associated equipment and components (switches, hubs, network interface cards) to support Gigabit Ethernet (which is paraphrased as ‘very high performance).

However, the type of cable isn’t your only consideration; as a specialist installations company we are used to running cables, neatly, cleanly, without disruption to your business and without mess. Your data cabling or network cabling should be no different.

For data cabling or network cabling installation please contact us now and we’ll be happy to help.

Data Cable Testing

Like any other hardware, data cabling can suffer from problems such as accidental damage, rodent damage and water damage, so if you want your cables tested to ensure continuity and integrity, contact us now and we’ll discuss what you need.

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CCTV Installation Can Help Protect Your Business and Your Livelihood


24/7 protection can be achieved with a CCTV installation. You can protect your home and your business premises very cost effectively and CCTV is proven to act as a major deterrent to thieves. CCTV camera’s can provide you with peace of mind and can capture evidence of any criminal activity or trespassers. You can even check your CCTV live on your Smartphone from anywhere in the world.

How You Can Benefit from a CCTV Installation

A CCTV installation in your property will give you numerous benefits. If criminals see that you have CCTV cameras, they are far less likely to target you and your property and move on somewhere else.

It’s proven the shoplifting is greatly reduced by the presence of CCTV cameras. However, apart from reducing the likelihood of criminal activity, loss of belongings, family heirlooms or business stock and damage to your property, when you install CCTV you have far better peace of mind that you’re protected.

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